Software for Subtitles

In some cases, subtitles may not be matching to the conversations in the video file. Then you may need to adapt subtitle file, which can be a srt file or any other format, to the video file. This process is called synchronisation. There are some free software for subtitles in the Internet. In this section, we will have a brief review of some of these subtitle programs.

Subtitle Program - Subtitle Workshop

Without doubt, Subtitle Workshop is the most popular software for subtitles for many years. This free subtitles software can be downloaded from its subtitle company web page. There are two versions of this subtitling program. We strongly recommend to use the older version (2.41).

With this subtitling software, you can combine, split subtitle files, add, delete lines, change movie fps values, add positive or negative time delays, divide or combine subtitle lines and make many other editing subtitle functions.

While editing the subtitle, you can watch the video using an external video viewer and see the subtitle on the video immediately. It means, you don't need to save and load the subtitle file each time as you make changes.

With this subtitle software, you can make almost any video subtitling process, but only on subtitle file in text format. It means, this subtitle program is not suitable for embed subtitles, add subtitles for video and embedded subtitles. But you can use it in any other subtitling work, especially to sync subtitles. You can even create subtitle files from scratch or use it for subtitle translation. Of course this is not a machine translation; Subtitle Workshop provides you a tool to place original subtitle lines to one column and a free column for translated subtitles.

Screenshots for Subtitle Workshop:

Subtitle Program - Time Adjuster

Mainly has the same functions as other software for subtitles, but it is difficult to say the same thing for ease of use. This subtitle software does not show video inside the program, but you need to either match time value manually, or open external avi player after a few steps.

Still this subtitle program has a special feature which makes it worth a try: Repair function. If the structure of the subtitle file is corrupted for some reason, this subtitle software may be able to fix it.

You can download this free subtitling program from its subtitle company website.

Screenshots for Time Adjuster: