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As player (20 movies)
"Masum" (2017) Cevdet (Haluk Bilginer), a retired commissioner, and his wife spend their pensions in peace on a farm away from the city. Suddenly the life of the family is destroyed by the sudden arrival of a terrible news from the little son.
"Bes Kardes" (2015) This is one of the five brothers, not like in the slightest way to another.
Limonata (2015) So begins an entertaining road story where we witness two brothers with different cultural backgrounds, who don't even know each other, have similarities, differences and even their fights.
Yok Artık (2015) A Turkish taxi driver tells stories which are almost unbelievable.
Silsile (2014)
İtirazım Var: Bayılırım Belaya (2014)
Sen Aydınlatırsın Geceyi (2013) Thou Gild'st the Evenis about the ordinary sorrows, worries, and troubles of the townsmen with extraordinary abilities. In a small Anatolian town, life goes on; Cemal is an assistant referee in football matches, Yasemin works in an egg factory, Defne is a street vendor who sells books, Doctor Irfan is occupied with his patients. In this town with two suns and three full moons in the sky, Cemal ­-who can see through walls- has no expectation out of life and looks for a way out with Yasemin -who can move objects remotely with her fingers- as he was trying to deal with his distress. However, Defne, who can freeze time will muddle things up; Yasemin's immortal boss's actions will contradict the invisible elementary school teacher's advices who is trying to ease the worries of Cemal.
Yeraltı (2012) A man's life, thoughts, feelings and his very own darkness... Adapted from Dostoevsky's novel "Notes from Undergroud", Demirkubuz follows Muharrem as he gets himself invited to a party where he is not welcome, just to find himself disgusted.
Yabancı (2012) Ozgur is a young woman who is the daughter of a refugee family fled to France. She is born and raised in Paris. After her father Huseyin's death, she comes to Istanbul to fulfill Huseyin's last wish. He wanted to be buried in his own country. But because of September 12 military coup d'etat period, Huseyin is no more a Turkish citizen. So this happens to be a great obstacle for Ozgur. This will force Ozgur to a journey both in Istanbul and herself. In this journey Ozgur will meet with her father's and mother's relatives who are completely different people. Most importantly she will meet with Ferhat who will deeply effect her. This journey will become a confrontation with themselves and 2011's Turkey for Ozgur and Ferhat.
"Leyla ile Mecnun" (2011) Leyla ile Mecnun is probably the first surreal comedy that reached masses. It is a revolutional step towards breaching the wall between popular entertainment and art in Turkey... See full synopsis »
Kosmos (2010)
Takiye: Allah Yolunda (2010)
Av Mevsimi (2010)
Haze (2010)
Güneşin Oğlu (2008)
Autumn (2008) A man struggles after his release from ten years as a political prisoner.
Çinliler Geliyor (2006)
Tramvay (2006)
Şaşkın (2006) The movie Saskin (Silly) is about a young guy Mehmet, who falls in love with a girl who happens to comment about perfect love on a radio show and follows her to a holiday resort where she possibly work. He and his best friend travel to the holiday resort to find this mysterious girl.Unfortunately finding this mysterious girl gets complicated when they find out that there are 40 young girls working in the resort.
Kalbin Zamanı (2004) In this lush police mystery, the love of three different men for one woman spans five decades and results in one man's death.