Date of birth : Nur Sürer's date of birth does not exist in our records.
Birth place : Bursa, Turkey
Awards : 1 win

As player (16 movies)
"Masum" (2017) Cevdet (Haluk Bilginer), a retired commissioner, and his wife spend their pensions in peace on a farm away from the city. Suddenly the life of the family is destroyed by the sudden arrival of a terrible news from the little son.
Eksik (2015) Lack; after the military coup on the 12Th of September, this is the story where the revolutionist hunt was most lived during the years 1981 - 1984 and is still continuing today.
Gece (2014)
"Bana Artik Hicran De" (2014)
"Kasaba" (2009)
Kabuslar evi - Seni beklerken (2006)
Abdülhamit Düşerken (2003)
Sır Çocukları (2002) Ten years old Cemil Halil Ibrahim Aras runs away from his stepfather who tortures him and his mother and ends up in Istanbul. Veli Firat Tanis, the leader of a gang which Cemil takes refuge in Haydarpasa, tries to send him back to his home by putting his pocket money. While the gang gather money for Cemil, they, at the same time, suffer from harsh living conditions. In the mean time Cemil's mother Münevver Nur Sürer comes to Istanbul in the hope of finding her son.
Yara (1999)
Umuda yolculuk (1990) In a village in eastern Turkey, tales of the economic success of Turks in Switzerland inspire Haydar to convince his wife Meryem that they must go. He sells their livestock and small plot of land in exchange for passage for two. He wants to leave their seven children in the care of the eldest and his parents; his father advises him to take one son to be educated in Europe, as economic insurance. The three set off for Istanbul, Milan, and Switzerland, stowing away on a ship. At Lake Como, they pay the rest of their money to unprincipled men who abandon them at an Alpine pass before a blizzard. Father and son are separated from Meryem. Will anyone reach the land of promise?
Uçurtmayı Vurmasınlar (1989) In Türkiyë, when a woman is sent to prison, her small children stay with her. In this film, Inci (say "Injee") is sent to prison for murder in self-defense (which warrants incarceration in Türkiyë), and while there, develops a special friendship with a little boy who is the son of another inmate.
Yilanlarin öcü (1985)
Der Spiegel (1984)
Derman (1983)
Bereketli Topraklar Üzerinde (1980)
Sinderella Kül Kedisi (1971) Aysecik Fairy Tales come to conclusion after the previous two(Snow White,Wizard Of Oz) following the Cinderella Tale within the musical melodramma strappalacrime technique. Turkish Seven Dwarves have special guest appearance once again.