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How to Use English Subtitles for Movies and English Subtitles for TV Shows

This question is sometimes asked to us. Although we are not a subtitle company, let's answer it.

First of all, you need to have a video file of the movie or TV show to add subtitles to. We don't know where you get it. Well, in fact we do know, but this is not the place to talk about that. Just a small tip: Search for Torrent, emule, rapidshare, dvix in the Internet. You will certainly be able to find it.

The copy of the movie or TV show, is not usually in DVD or Blu Ray form. It is compressed to make it smaller for easy download. This compression process is called Rip or Ripping. A movie can be ripped by several separate group of people which keep themselves anonymous. These so called release groups have nicknames which is shown in the name of file of the movie or TV show you have.

Once you know the release name of the video file, now you can download the correct subtitle for that. By correct video subtitle, we mean the version that its fps (frames per second), CD count and subtitle sound match the release.

If subtitle file does not match video file you have, you may need to sync subtitles. Please see our software for subtitles section for a brief review of available free subtitle software.

Why are there different releases and different subtitles for a single movie?

Because release groups not always use the same source. And depending on the source, some minor changes in length may be there. Another reason is release groups select different fps values. This value affects the flow of the dialogues and the length of the movie significantly.

How will I use subtitles.yedincigemi.com website for downloading English subtitles for movies and English subtitles for TV shows?

Adding subtitles is very simple. Just search for the movie title or IMDB id of the movie or TV show in the search box on right top side of each page. Search box has autosuggest feature. So as you are writing it will suggest the title of the movie or TV show existing in our database.

If you are not sure about the title of the movie, you can use our subtitles list to make use of find subtitles. You can also use our movie list page.

But how will I watch the movie with subtitle? Do I need to use a subtitling service to embed subtitles?

No, you don't need to use any subtitler, subtitling services or dvd subtitling software or subtitle extractor to embed subtitles. Use a free video player. There are several of them in the Internet. Most popular ones are the KMPlayer, BSplayer, VLC Player, Media Player Classic,... Just drag and drop the subtitle file to the player. Of course do not forget to unrar or unzip dvd subtitle file!